Ongoing improvements in place for parking at Allegiant Stadium LAS VEGAS (FOX5) -- On Sunday, 61,514 people attended the 2021 Gold Cup final at Allegiant Stadium where parking and other logistics were put to the test.  The game between USA and Mexico was Allegiant Stadium's third major event, but the second time the stadium held an event at capacity. Two fans rooting for Mexico parked at their nearby business and walked to the stadium. They both agreed a parking structure is needed. Paul Ponpow was dropped off with his family to avoid paying the price for parking. “The cost, I mean it’s, there’s really nowhere to park and we see businesses blocked off and were charging a lot, so I just thought it’ll be more convenient our neighbor drop us off to save the money so we could have a good time," he said. Parking and infrastructure were big issues last month during the Garth Brooks concert. Clark County Commissioner Michael Naft said heat and inexperience were the main culprits last time. This time he said there's been a significant list of changes. Lights adorn Allegiant Stadium, new home of the Las Vegas Raiders football team, as it nears completion Wednesday, July 22, 2020, in Las Vegas. The stadium will also serve as the home for the UNLV football team. (AP Photo/John Locher) “From the last event the rideshare lot has been relocated. ADA access has been stepped up, there’s been additional cooling stations, shade structures have been added. Water stations have been implemented," Naft said. He said making the necessary updates could be a year-long process. "Today I met with the fire chief and Metro’s top enforcement officer here on site just to get their perspective. We will sit down around the table again this week and go over everything that went right, everything that went wrong and everything that needs to be tweaked for next time," Naft said. 


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to a level 4 , meaning "avoid travel,'' citing "very high'' levels of coronavirus cases. The alert had been at level 3, which advised travelers to be fully vaccinated before travel to the U.K. and recommended that unvaccinated travelers avoid nonessential travel. The U.K. travel alert has been at level 3 since May. "Because of the current situation in the United Kingdom, even fully vaccinated travelers may be at risk for getting and spreading COVID-19 variants,'' the CDC said in its update. 'Absolutely critical to both countries': US, UK airlines urge lifting of travel restrictions The United Kingdom, which encompasses England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, wasn't alone in being raised to level 4 by the CDC. The British Virgin Islands, Fiji, Indonesia and Zimbabwe also saw alert levels increase.  The State Department also raised its alert level on the U.K. to level 4, which means "do not travel,'' to reflect the CDC's designation. The State Department has been incorporating the CDC's COVID-19 designations in its alerts since April. The U.K. recorded more than 50,000 new cases  in a day for the first time in six months, and the British government's top medical adviser issued a dire warning as Britain eased more COVID-19 restrictions on Monday. The heightened travel risk levels for the United Kingdom come as airlines and tourism boosters have been urging President Joe Biden to lift international travel restrictions  to the United States from the U.K. and other countries, including those in the European Union. Several European countries have already reopened their borders to U.S. citizens this summer. Last week, reports said Biden would have an update on the international travel restrictionsas early as this week. Can U.S. citizens travel to the UK right now?  U.S.